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Welcome to the heart of compassionate care and expertise at the Kids Neuro Clinic. Our team of dedicated professionals stands as a beacon of hope and healing for children and families facing neurological challenges. With a shared commitment to the well-being of our young patients, our team brings together diverse talents, experience, and unwavering compassion to provide the best in pediatric neurological care.

Meet the individuals who are not only experts in their fields but also champions of the children they serve, fostering brighter tomorrows and nurturing the unique potential within each young life.

Dr arif Khan

A Fellow & Member Of

Dr. Arif Khan

Pediatric Neurology Consultant

Dr. Arif is a British Board-certified Consultant Pediatric Neurologist. He completed his General Pediatric and Pediatric neurology training in the UK.

He has trained and worked in a number of regional and tertiary hospitals in the United Kingdom. The prominent ones included Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, University Hospitals of Leicester and the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. He was a Consultant Pediatric Neurologist at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust for 3 years. During his tenure, he was assigned as lead clinician for complex epilepsies, vagal nerve stimulation service, and ketogenic diet service in Leicester.

He moved to Dubai in the year 2015 and was appointed as the Head of Children’s services at the American Center for Psychiatric and Neurology in 2015. After having completed 2 contractual years at the center, he set out to develop the first pediatric neurosciences center in the region called Neuropedia.

More recently in Jan 2022, he founded and developed the first pediatric-focused Orthotics and Prosthetics clinic in the region called Xtremity in Dubai.

Dr. Arif is an avid writer, authoring more than 40 peer-reviewed and public health publications. He has recently authored a book called Pediatrics – A clinical Handbook.

He is currently an Associate Professor (adj) of Pediatric Neurology at the Mohammed Bin Rashid University, Dubai. He has been a lecturer for medical students at the University Hospital of Leicester and has been teaching national training courses like the Pediatric Epilepsy training course. He is an accredited examiner for the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health.

Dr. Mohamad Alhalwani

Consultant Pediatrics

MD (Masters in Pediatrics and Arab Board of Pediatrics)

“Guiding Healthy Beginnings, One Child at a Time”

Dr. Mohamad Alhalwani, a distinguished medical professional, holds an MD degree, complemented by a Master’s degree in Pediatrics, and is also accredited by the Arab Board of Pediatrics. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of pediatrics, he has established himself as a highly skilled and experienced Consultant Pediatrician. Dr. Mohamad’s commitment to pediatric healthcare extends far beyond the scope of traditional medical practice. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive care to pediatric patients, embracing a holistic approach that not only focuses on treatment but also encompasses prevention and education.

With a strong academic background and a deep understanding of the intricacies of pediatric medicine, Dr. Mohamad is well-equipped to address a wide spectrum of pediatric conditions. Whether it’s the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses or the promotion of preventive measures to ensure a healthier childhood, Dr. Mohamad stands as a pillar of support dedicated to the welfare of the next generation.

Dr. Rajashree Singhania

Dr. Rajeshree Singhania

Developmental Medicine

PhD in Developmental Medicine (London University)

Dr. Rajeshree Singhania is a highly experienced Pediatrician with over 30 years of practice, specializing in Developmental Pediatrics. She has made significant contributions to the field, particularly in the UAE. Alongside her general and hospital practice, she’s a pioneer in providing advanced, inclusive diagnosis and treatment for children with ADHD and Autism.

Dr. Rajeshree holds a PhD in Developmental Medicine from London University and a multitude of qualifications in Autism, Psychology, Counseling, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Her extensive career includes roles as a visiting consultant, Adjunct Professor at MBRU University, and Visiting Professor in Psychology at Middlesex University Dubai. She’s also authored numerous papers and a series of books on child safety for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder in collaboration with Dubai Police.

Dr. Mohd Tanweer Baksh

General Practitioner

Medical Director

Dr. Tanweer is a passionate and enthusiastic individual who is deeply committed to the field of medicine. Their journey into medicine was inspired by a combination of factors, including a genuine interest in health and the causes of illness, a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, and a strong sense of altruism and compassion. The Dr have always been keen on learning and have actively pursued various opportunities to expand their medical knowledge and skills. Their proactive and goal-oriented nature has driven them to volunteer, work in hospitals, and engage in activities that address health inequities. As a lifelong learner, they are excited about the intellectual rewards and the ever-evolving nature of the medical field. Their motivation stems from the prospect of contributing to something greater than themselves and being the best doctor they can be. Overall, they are dedicated to their personal and professional growth, and are eager to make a meaningful impact in the field of medicine.

Aakriti Mahindra

Clinical and educational psychologist

Aakriti specializing in Clinical Psychology brings over a decade of experience as a Licensed Clinical and Educational Psychologist registered with Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) and the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). With over a decade of experience, she received rigorous training in various psychotherapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and gained proficiency in psychological assessments encompassing intelligence, educational difficulties, developmental, personality, and neuropsychological evaluation.


Her expertise lies in psychological testing across age groups, specializing in children, young adolescents, and adults. She conducts comprehensive Cognitive/Academic Assessments and diagnoses conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity/Inattentive Disorder (ADHD/ADD), Autism, Behavioral/Emotional/Developmental disorders.


Beyond assessments, Aakriti is deeply committed to providing therapeutic interventions for an array of mental health and psycho-social issues, ranging from depression to parent-child relationships, school avoidance, learning difficulties, and peer relationships. Aakriti diagnoses and provides therapeutic interventions for various mental health issues, collaborates closely with educators, and engages in public outreach to destigmatize mental health and promote wellness

Dr at Kids Neuro CLinic

Marisa Lobo - Biddappa

Child psychologist

Marisa’s career as a Psychologist began in 1987, after qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist from the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), one of Asia’s premier institutions.

After being placed 4th, out of 84,000 students, in her Pre-University boards, she completed her undergraduate degree with a Gold Medal in Psychology. On getting the 1st Rank and two Gold Medals in Clinical Psychology in her Masters, she did a 2-year intensive MPhil in Medical and Social Psychology at NIMHANS with distinctions in Neuropsychology and for her dissertation on ‘Thought Disorders and Information processing in Schizophrenics and Manics. Her modification of the Object Sorting Test is used to measure Thought Disorders.

In over two decades in Dubai, the last seven at the Kids Neuro Clinic, she has helped thousands of children and adolescents cope with their problems, function with or without support and bring out their best selves. She has worked in a range of environments including the Child Intervention Medical Center and Dubai Autism Center. She is a member of the British Psychological Society.

Besides conducting assessments and intervention through therapy, she also ran interactive courses like ‘Happy Heart’ for younger children and ‘Heart to Heart’ for adolescents addressing issues like Family Relationships, Friendships, Coping with Change, Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse.

She has co-authored papers and conducted over 25 Talks and Workshops including a talk at the Autism Around the World Conference, at the 1st International Symposium on Autism and Related Developmental Disorders, at Riyadh, and a Workshop on Best practices in Assessment at the 2ndKids Neuroscience Conference.

She has contributed to publications and served the community doing pro bono counselling. Helping people believe in themselves, discover their strengths and boost their self-esteem is perhaps the biggest change she has brought in young people. Her service to the community earned her the Dubai Healthcare Authority Excellence Award for Distinguished Allied Health Professionals in 2020 and also a Golden Visa in 2021 under the  Exceptional Talents category.

Sunita Kumari Sahoo

Occupational therapist

Ms Sunita  graduated in Occupational Therapy and holds a master degree in Occupational Therapy from Asia’s one of the  most renowned Rehabilitation organization in India SVNIRTAR.
She has more than 9 years of experience in Occupational Therapy with specialization in ‘Developmental Disability’.During this period of time she expanded her skill both in Pediatric and adult population .She has clinical experience in Hospital, Clinics, rehabilitation center as well as special school.
Her special interest in SPD. She had research on effect of Sensory Diet through outdoor play on functional behavior of ADHD children got best pediatric paper and awarded as Gazala Makada award in AIOTA conference OTICON.
The paper was published in IJOT.  She has keen observation to introduce Standardized Assessment Tools like SPQ2, SSPQ2, PDMS2, TVPS, MABC,MFUN in neurodiverse pediatric population ensuring highest standard of care and support to clients. Her practice not only limited to Sensory Integration Therapy but also into NDT and Brain Gym. In Pediatrics population she has encompassed with a diverse range of conditions like ASD, ADHD, Down syndrome, Cerebral palsy, Intellectual disability, erb’s palsy, hydrocephalus, angelman syndrome , Dandy Walker syndrome etc. she is dedicated and passionate to learn and work with children with special needs.

Dr at Kids Neuro CLinic

Radha Malhotra

Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

MSc. Child Development, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

“Transforming Lives Through Holistic Behaviour Analysis”

Radha Malhotra is a DHA licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a wealth of experience spanning 30 years in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis. She has a diverse background in clinical, academic, and administrative roles, including teaching at the university level and working with children with Autism and developmental challenges.

Radha’s expertise encompasses clinic and home-based treatment, behavioral support, academic assistance for neurodivergent children, and providing guidance and training in Applied Behavior Analysis to parents, Learning Support Assistants, and School Shadows. She also holds supervisory roles for various behavior-related positions, ensuring the highest standards of care and support.

Faten Mohamed

Behavioural Therapist

Faten Mohamed is senior ABA Therapist and a Registered behavior technician ( RBT). 

With an experience of 8 years in clinics, Rehabilitation center in both Egypt and UAE, Faten brings an exceptional experience on board. She finished her graduation in Egypt and holds a diploma from the institute of Hearing and Speech.  

She provides interventions for children diagnosed with Down syndrome, Autism, Learning disabilities and all other forms of conditions which impacts communication. She is a passionate individual and treats her patients accordingly using technology and applications which fosters adaptability and enables children to communicate better. 

Rawan Kitana

Speech Therapist

Speech and language therapist Rawan Kitana has over 8 years of experience in speech and language therapy. She is a bilingual therapist with experience in planning and diagnosing speech pathology in both Arabic and English.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Jordan in 2015. She has worked in various sectors, dealing with a wide variety of cases related to speech and language disorders in children.

Snehal Gadecha

Snehal Gadhecha is an accomplished Neonatal & Pediatric Physiotherapist with a comprehensive array of qualifications and certifications, including being a Certified Neonatal & Paediatric Early Intervention Specialist in the UK. With over 14 years of experience, she leads the Development Department at Surya Hospital, Mumbai, a premier institution renowned for its excellence in mother and child care. Snehal’s expertise spans a multitude of areas, including Neonatal & Pediatric Therapy, Early Sensory Care, and Feeding Specialization, Neuro Rehab treatments supported by certifications from esteemed institutions globally. She is particularly skilled in providing Early Intervention therapy for preterm babies and children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delays, and Autism. Snehal actively contributes to research, seminars, and awareness campaigns in the field of Child Development and Early Intervention. Her holistic approach emphasizes family-centered care, ensuring individualized programs tailored to each child’s needs, and fostering success within their natural environment.

Our team

Chanderdeep Kumar


“Dedicated to nurturing every step of your child’s journey”

Chanderdeep Kumar a seasoned pediatric physiotherapist with 12 years of expertise in neuro-rehabilitation, holds a Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy from India. He also possesses a Post-Graduate Diploma in Disability and Human Rights, certifications in Physical fitness and sports medicine, and a Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education for Holistic Development. His specialization lies in employing Neurodevelopmental techniques and functional manual therapy for pediatric therapy sessions. He has garnered diverse experience in pediatric settings, from inpatient to outpatient and community rehabilitation, particularly in intensive rehabilitation for special needs children in Dubai.

Chanderdeep’s skill set encompasses gait analysis, orthotics prescription, aquatic therapy, and innovative approaches like hippotherapy (utilizing equine movement) and power plate (vibration) therapy. His extensive experience includes working with children facing complex neurological needs, metabolic and genetic conditions, neuromuscular disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), global developmental delays, and post-surgical management.

Chanderdeep is dedicated to incorporating child-led functional therapy, emphasizing learning and communication within therapy, and strongly advocates for a transdisciplinary approach that involves family education to unlock every child’s full potential.