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In the world of pediatric psychology, the corridors echo with more than just laughter and playful footsteps. It’s a realm where tiny hearts bear the weight of life’s challenges and where every triumph, no matter how small, shines as a beacon of hope. Pediatric psychology is where professionals, caregivers, and the boundless imagination of children come together to create a healing space filled with empathy, understanding, and the promise of brighter, emotionally enriched tomorrows.

Kids Neuro Clinic is equipped with some of the best pediatric psychologists in Dubai who have an in-depth understanding of child mental health and are committed to providing excellent care and guidance.

Pediatric Psychology in Dubai

What is Pediatric Psychology ?

The study of how children grow-up emotionally, cognitively, socially, and behaviorally is known as child psychology. Child psychologists attempt to assess the influence of events on psychological development and whether these are consistent with typical developmental patterns.

Child psychologists provide therapy to help children express themselves and learn healthier coping strategies. Before any of this can happen, child psychologists must first create an inviting environment in which the child feels respected and comfortable enough to open up. Connection and trust between the psychologist and the child are critical to the process’s success.

Importance of Pediatric Psychology

Parents are often worried about their children’s well-being and development. They are always concerned with ensuring that their children receive the best possible assistance on their journey to becoming functioning and healthy adults. Our child psychologists at Kids Neuro Clinic, are trained in the most recent evidence-based interventions, and each child’s counseling is tailored specifically to their needs.

Our services can help a child with the following issues:

To clarify a child’s diagnosis, comprehensive assessments such as psycho-diagnostic evaluations, educational evaluations, and clinical assessments are performed.

They are also used to evaluate cognitive, behavioral, social, emotional, academic, attention, and executive functioning areas, as well as to identify strengths and weaknesses and to recommend effective interventions.

Different Kinds of Therapy for Children

Our pediatric psychologist in Dubai, uses a variety of interventions to deal with the psychological conditions in children.

Some of them are as follows:

Play Therapy – Play Therapy assesses and helps children express their inner world. Play is used to assist children in making sense of their emotions and learning new ways to relate to themselves and others. This is a valuable way to connect with children because it is their primary mode of communication.

Bibliotherapy uses storytelling to help children process their emotions. Because children have limited insight, this modality can be especially beneficial in helping children understand the critical concepts required to learn new emotional and cognitive skills.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) – These modalities are based on the concept that changing the way we think can alleviate our feelings and positively influence our behavior. In a nutshell, children learn to recognize the link between their thoughts, feelings, and actions. They learn to reframe their thoughts and develop healthier coping mechanisms. TF-CBT accomplishes this by teaching children to create narratives about their trauma in order to process the distressing memories. They also learn how to deal with potential repercussions of the trauma and how to keep themselves safe.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) – This therapy is a brief treatment that focuses on identifying exceptions to the problem. The goal is to determine when the issue occurs with less frequency, duration, and intensity. And then to figure out what is causing these exceptions. This is used to develop solutions, which are then put into action. SFBT is extremely beneficial in making clients feel empowered and capable change agents, in their own development. It assists clients in utilizing existing skills, strengths, and abilities rather than assuming they must develop competencies from scratch.

Results Post Pediatric Counselling

Pediatric counseling can be difficult, especially in Dubai, where children face a variety of challenges, including adjusting and getting acquainted to a new environment, moving, friends relocating, parents divorcing, and schoolwork, to name a few. As a result, at Kids Neuro Clinic, we are dedicated to assisting your children during this trying time and ensuring their overall mental health and well-being.

Following psychological counseling, you can expect the following types of outcomes:

  • Socially active child
  • Confident child
  • Happy child
  • Playful child

Seek top-notch care from our best child psychologist in Dubai at Kids Neuro Clinic

Our therapists help children deal with difficult events like divorce, moving, bullying, and other issues that children under the age of 18 face. The goal of the therapy is for the child to feel heard, safe, and supported,in order for them to thrive.

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